Typical Gamer

Young Canadian YouTuber Andre Rebelo became famous under his online nickname Typical Gamer. His channel dedicated to gaming (mostly Grand Theft Auto 5) amassed over 6.7 million subscribers. As of 2018, Typical Gamer’s net worth is about 2,700,000 dollars and here are some details from his road to riches.

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Andre was born March 23, 1993 in Canada. This previously unknown guy achieved 1 million subscribers in 2015 and didn’t stop there. His fan base exploded and soon will hit 7 million. With so many regular viewers, Typical Gamer is generating a lot of money from advertisement.

His brother created his nickname under which he became famous. Majority of his videos are revolving around popular video game GTA 5. He is posting walkthroughs, mods, and much more. His most popular upload is GTA 5 PS4 Free Roam Gameplay Live with over 15 million views!

Typical Gamer is dating fellow youtuber Samara Redway. This attractive brunette has a significant followership on YouTube and Instagram although she is nowhere bear the popularity of her boyfriend. Besides video game entries, Typical Gamer is sharing with his fans also vlogs. Great success had especially videos dedicated to his new supersport – grey Lamborghini Aventador.