Tristan Thompson

Professional basketball player Tristan Thompson plays currently for Cleveland Cavaliers and he is also famous for his relationship with reality show star Khloe Kardashian. As of 2017, Tristan Thompson’s net worth is approximately around $25 million and growing fast thanks to his most recent lucrative contract

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Thompson played college basketball for Texas Longhorns before being drafted by Cleveland Cavaliers in 2011. Since he turned pro, his contracts are getting more and more gracious. In 2015, Tristan signed 5-year deal promising him total sum of $82 millions! His net worth started to grow rapidly.

Later the same year, Thompson went shopping and purchased 5 bedroom upscale mansion in Brantenahl, Ohio for $1.1 million. But it looks like he will not be spending as much time in Ohio as he thought. This brings us to his dating life.

Thompson has impressive dating history. he started dating beautiful Jordan Craig in 2014. She gave birth to their child in December 2016 but they weren’t together. Trista found himself soon a new girlfriend. We are talking about Khloe Kardashian. And it didn’t take long for Tristan to make a baby also to her. They are now planning future together and were spotted checking ou $9 million house in Studio City, California.