Tracy Tutor-Maltas

Professional real estate agent Tracy Tutor-Maltas is servicing prestigious LA areas. With a well=developed network of clients, her business is getting her a nice profit. Tutor-Maltas is a new face in a popular reality television show Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. She joined the cast in season 10. As of 2017, Tracy Tutor-Maltas’ net worth is estimated to be over $12 million and her affluent family also deserves a closer look.

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Tracy’s father is a Ronald Tutor. One of the most top building contractors in the USA and a billionaire. But young Tracy didn’t turn out lazy. After getting her college degree at the University of Southern California, she started working for her father’s company. Today, she is running her own real estate empire and belongs to the best realtors at Douglas Elliman California. Selling upscale homes requires a lot of good connections and Tracy has them.

Her husband Jason Maltas has also very high net worth. He is Vice President at Gordon Gibson Construction. This firm is a residential contractor. This means the whole family is working and investing in the real estate. Talking about synergy, right?

Tutor-Maltas is sharing photos from her blessed life on her Instagram account and her popularity is now growing thanks to Bravo’s reality TV series Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. At her free time, Tracy is focusing on her two daughters. On the top of selling houses, she also consulted for the five-star hotel and vacation resort called Amangiri. It is located in Utah.