Timothy Sykes

Rich investor Timothy Sykes once dubbed the Wolf of Instagram is kind of a legend on the internet. He allegedly turned investment of $12,000 into more than $1 million through day trading. Today, his net worth is approximately $6 million and growing. As of 2017, he runs multiple educational projects, all revolving around stock market and investing.

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Sykes focuses mostly on so called penny stocks. In the world of investing, day trading of penny stocks is one of the most risky ways to earn a profit but also offers potential to make money quick (or lose it). In Sykes’ case it worked.

Young Timothy finished his bachelor’s degree in philosophy but while studying, he was already day trading. And it proved more important to his future net worth than the official education. Before he graduated, Sykes founded own Cilantro Fund Management LLC. And while his life story sounds very inspiring, we should warn you that stock market is a very dangerous place, especially if you trade on margin.

Sykes owns hot orange Lamborghini and is happy also in personal life. He is dating hot girl named Bianca Alexa who competed on America’s Next Top Model. In fact, they are already engaged. Timothy lives in a multi-million dollar mansion in Miami, Florida. That is a definitely a real estate worth of real-life Wolf of Wall Street. Sykes is not a registered investment adviser.