Susur Lee

Susur Lee is Hong Kong-Canadian celebrity chef who lives in in Toronto. He appeared on the Food Network’s Iron Chef America where he engaged in a battle with Iron Chef Bobby Flay resulting in a tie. Susur is recognized for his dish Singapore Slaw, as well as his take on a Lo Hei salad. Currentlz, Lee is a judge on Masterchef Asia. As of 2017, Susur Lee has accumulated net worth around $8 million.

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Susur Lee was born in 1958, Hong Kong. Lee worked his culinary apprenticeship in Hong Kong’s renowned Peninsula Hotel. After that, he emigrated to Canada in 1978. After hard work, Lee became executive chef status at many restaurants in Toronto. Lee’s first restaurant Lotus was an instant achievement. In 2000, he opened restaurant Susur which received Restaurant World’s 50 Best Restaurant Award.

To further increase his net worth, Lee published a book Susur: A Culinary Life. He also likes to give back to the community. For example, Lee organized Susur Lee-Daniel Nestor Charity Event in Toronto which brought in incredible $800,000 for Canadian aspiring Olympians and the North York Hospital.

Susur was married twice. His first marriage was to Marilou Covey. Susur became widowed in September 1, 1983. However, since 1991 he is married to Brenda Bent. They have together 3 amazing children. His two sons Kai and Levi Bent-Lee are restaurateurs and help their father to grow Lee’s empire. Lee’s sons certainly love their posh lifestyle. They post frequently Instagram updates about their luxurious food or relaxing vacations in Caymans. Bent-Lee also enjoys his enviable life with expensive cars such as Bentley. In their lavish manor, the Lee family can also enjoy gorgeous infinity pool with stunning sea side view.