Susan Calman

Popular comedian Susan Calman has a previous carer that will definitely surprise you. Because of her parent’s wishes, she got a law degree and became a corporate lawyer. It took her some time to find determination to pursue her huge passion and become a comedian. As of 2017, Susan Calman’s net worth is around £500 thousand and we are about to check closer on her career now.

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Her parents were sure she has to pick a sound career. Young Susan studied law at the University of Glasgow and won Judge Brennan scholarship. Although a successful career with high salary followed, Calman was more and more unhappy about being a lawyer. After seven years of legal practice, she quit her job and focused on standup comedy.

This decision had it’s consequences. Calmaan once said during interview, that she went from having high salary to earning nothing. In fact, her first year as a comedian, she earned only £450. The second year with £600 wasn’t much better. But she was determined and worked hard and eventually her income and net worth started to grow.

In 2014, she appeared in The Dog Ate My Homework and Don’t Drop The Baton. This year, she started presenting The Boss and on the top of that will be competing in reality television show Strictly Come Dancing. She also published a book Cheer Up Love. We wish her luck and a good dancing partner.