Shervin Pishevar

Affluent venture capitalist Shervin Pishevar currently works as an Executive Chairman of Hyperloop One. But he also runs his own investment company titled Sherpa Capital. Shervin Pishevar’s net worth is allegedly more than $50 million as of 2017 and here are some details from his road to incredible wealth.

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Shervin was born 1974 in Tehran, Iran but his family immigrated to USA after the Islamic revolution overthrew Shah’s regime. Young Shervin was led by his parents to study medicine and he eventually graduated from prestigious UC Berkeley with the degree in molecular cellular biology. After graduation, he founded his own business around the new web-based operating system.

After that, Pishevar co-founded several other IT companies and started also investing his own money in other people’s projects. As his net worth grew, Pishevar founded Sherpa Capital – venture capital firm to fund start-ups that he deemed worthwhile.

In 2011, Shervin also joined another venture capital fund called Menlo Ventures that manages over $4 billion. As it’s managing director, Pishevar evaluates start-ups in consumer internet, social web, and mobile technology fields. There are several ways for venture fund to make money from the initial investment but one of the most profitable is selling shares after the company had an IPO on stock exchange.