Rob Dahm

Successful entrepreneur Rob Dahm is showing his impressive car collection on YouTube channel and gained very large following with that. So who is he, how he became rich, and how much rich are we talking about? Rob Dahm’s net worth is estimated to be over $2 million in 2017 and here is how he got there.

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Rob Dahm was born on Deceber 16, 1983 in Michigan, United States and without even getting a college degree, he started his own business named Computer Works, Inc. Now, when he has a high net worth and some spare time, he actually returned to school to get a degree. Dahm says you can learn some pretty valuable things also from formal education.

Becoming rich opened him doors to fulfilling his automotive dreams. He owns yellow Lamborghini Diablo and several other fast cars. He is particulary fond of his Mazda RX-7 with Wankel engine. This brings us to his other hobby.

Dahm started a YouTube chanel about cars. He features his sweet rides but also comments on other car-related things. Some of his most popular uploads are It Sucks Owning A Lamborghini and 3 Things Video Games Get Wrong About Silencers. Fun fact: Rob competed on The Bachelorette in 2011 (but didn’t get the girl).