Red Beard

Josh Stuart aka Red Beard is one of the main stars on a reality television show Diesel Brothers. He is a skilled diesel mechanic but also a great negotiator That might be why is he called the Money Man. Joining his friend’s growing business got him some serious cash. As of 2018, Red Beard’s net worth is estimated to be around $450,000 and growing. Here are some details from his life.

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Red Beard was born in Roosevelt, Utah and he was around diesel pick-up trucks his whole life. He met Diesel Dave one of the Dieselsellerz founders through a mutual friend. Joining the company proved to be a great decision, especially after the business was picked by Discovery channel for their new reality show. Josh with his typical long red beard became a celebrity almost overnight.

Although he he became famous and his net worth skyrocketed, Red Beard himself counts something completely else as his biggest achievement. Accroding to him, his biggest success was marrying a gorgeous woman that he loves. They are still together today, raising four kids.

Stuart amassed over 351 thousand followers on Instagram where he is often posting heavily modified trucks that they are selling at Dieselsellerz. Their custom designs attract buyers from far away. If you are looking for a a badass Ford F-250 Super Duty with custom bumpers or a Chevrolet Silverado looking like a military vehicle, they might be a great place to check out.