Mike Brewer

As an expert on trading and renovating automobiles, Mike Brewer became a television star and amassed a nice wealth. He is hosting his own TV series titled Wheeler Dealers and guest-starred on several other shows. Mike Brewer’s total net worth is around £1 million ($1.3 million) and here are some details from his path to success.

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Mike was born August 28, 1964 in Lindon, United Kingdom. His father was a huge fan of car customizing and owned modified Ford Popular. This sparked young Mike’s love for four wheels. He continually kept building his expertise and eventually became an expert on car trading and amassed impressive net worth.

Discovery channel created for him the show Wheelers Dealers, where he looks for neglected classic cars, repairs and renovates them, and subsequently sells them for profit. Although the series runs from 2003, it is still extremely popular and led even to a spin-off titled Wheelers Dealers – Trading Up. In this one, Brewer is buing and selling car around the globe, always trying to trade up in order to eventually end up with a supercar.

Today, Mike lives in Mollington, Oxfordshire with his wife Michelle Brewer whom he married in 1992. Other shows that he appeared in include Wrecks to Riches, Driven, and Auto Trader. Vintage cars are his big passion and he managed to turn this hobby into a major income source.