Martin Lewis

Financial journalist Martin Lewis is known from television, radio, internet, and thanks to his own books. He is a foremost British expert on all things related to saving money. And how good he did himself? According to the most estimates, Martin Lewis’ net worth is around £90 million ($116 million) in 2017 and we where the majority of thim stunning sum came from.

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Although Lewis has a multiple sources of income, he founded extremely successful website called This online portal helps people with loans, insurance, mortgages, and common utilities bills. The aim is to save money that you can invest for your future and retirement. After gaining huge traffic, Martin Lewis sold his site for £87 million in 2012. He remained the editor-in-chief and portion of that sum was paid in shares of the new parent company

Althouhg now it looks like his stellar net worth is a result of one major transaction, Lewis also earns a lot of money for his television appearances and collects royalties from the sales of his books, such as The Money Diet and Thrifty Ways for Modern Days. His financial advice is often quoted on major news and websites.

Martin holds a college degree from the London School of Economics and later became the governor of this school. He married his long-term girlfriend, attractive weather presenter Lara Lewington in 2009. She gave birth to their daughter in 2012.