Lindsey Bennett

Lindsey Bennett is a skilled real estate agent and also reality show star from HGTV’s Desert Flippers. She and her husband are trying to make a profit buying cheap properties, renovating them and selling for the best buck. As of 2017, Lindsey Bennett’s net worth is estimatedly $1.6 million and here are other interesting information we collected about her.

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Lindsey comes from a family full of real estate agents, contractors and developers. So it is no wonder that she gathered a vast expertise on real estate that she now utilizes in her business. It also helps that her husband Eric is a loan expert specializing in mortgage financing. House flipping isn’t an easy job and they have certainly a sizable edge over competition.

Bennett has an entrepreneurial soul and her net worth originates from multiple sources. She worked as a real estate agent, she is paid for starring on television and on the top of that runs with her husband own business. They are investing into distressed real estate properties and turning those rundown houses into nice homes. The profit can be very rewarding but volatile local market makes it quite risky.

Palm Springs, California has it’s specific challenges, such as dangerous spiders and scorpions lurking behind every corner. But Lindsey and her husband dare to flip almost anythingfrom midcentury modern houses to classic ranches. Lindsey is also mother of three kids so she has to balance family and business.