Kylie McCollough

Successfull bicoastal real estate agent Kylie McCollough will be appearing on a new reality show Real Estate Wars as a part of the Relegance Group team, trying to outsell the competition in Orange County market. As of 2017, Kylie McCollough’s net worth is estimated to be over $2 million and here is what else we know about this charismatic blonde.

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Kylie’s web presentation says that she lived and worked on all seven continents. We don’t know how much houses she sold in Antarctica but the fact is McCollough is used to work for affluent international clientele and does a lot of travelling. Her skills brought her high net worth and now also a spot on TV screen which might turn her into a celebrity.

McCollough lives in the most coveted neighborhood in OC, California with her husband and son. She has a background in marketing and her client base yachting club enthusiasts and famous sportsmen. Some of her listings online are truly incredible. She is for example selling huge mansion in Irvine, California for almost $23 million. It come with a large swimming pool and multiple fireplaces.

Are you tired of house flipping shows focusing on distressed properties? Real Estate Wars are different. The show focuses on a highly competitive Orange County real estate market that is serviced by some of the best real estate agents in the country. Whoever can sell houses faster and for better price might become really rich.