Kelly Dodd

Kelly Dodd belongs to very famous stars from reality television show The Real Housewives of Orange County. Her husband is very affluent but Kelly has her own business as well. Kelly Dodd’s net worth is approximately $9 million according some online sources and here is what else we know about her personal life and financial situation.

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Kelly takes good care of her family and has a job at cosmetic company called Kiss Me Mirrors. She also dedicates a lot of money and effort to maintain her perfect looks. Dodd openly admits having several cosmetic surgeries in the past, including breast reduction surgery and vaginal rejuvenation. With her high net worth, she definitely has enough funds for this level of treatments.

In 2014, Kelly and her husband purchased a large house for $3.6 million and did some extensive remodeling on it. In 2016, they put it back to the market for almost $6.3 million. Sounds a lot like house flipping to us. Dodd could add real estate investing into her resume. Orange County is a very desirable location so the prices of homes reflect that.

Her husband Michael is a little mysterious figure. In the past, he had a good job as the president of LeadFrog Enterprises Inc. This software firm is apparently selling educational games for children. Kelly and Michael are raising their daughter Jolie and it looks like their marriage is now strong although they went through the period of separation in the past.