Jojo Romeo

Real estate queen Jojo Romeo belongs to the top realtors in Orange County, California. In 2017, Bravo TV picked her as one of the main character for their new reality show Real Estate Wars. Altough she went through tough times, Romeo did over 400 million in real estate sales through during last six years. Jojo Romeo’s net worth is estimated to be over $11 million as of 2017.

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There are many reasons why Jojo knows how to sell the house fast. She has great negotiating skill and knows a lot about interior design. While working hard, she made a time for family as well. Romeo is a proud mother of five kids.

Her high net worth clientele is demanding but the profit to be made are worth it. Homes in Orange County, California are way above US average in terms of both, price and amenities. According to her Zillow listings, Jojo is currently selling for example a 4 bedroom house in Irvine, CA for $2,150,000.

There is a lot of shows about house flipping but Real Estate Wars are coming with a little bit different concept. Jojo Romeo and her Relegance Group are competing against John McMonigle and his agents. There is only so many upscale properties on the market and they often go head to head in order to score a deal.