John Torode

Celebrity chef John Torode is popular thanks to several television shows and also through his cookbooks. He has several sources of income, so it is not surprising that he became quite rich. John Torode’s net worth is approximately £8 million in 2017 and let’s take a closer look on his road to success now.

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John was born in 1965 in Melbourne, Australia and after the death of his mother was raised by his grandmother who taught him cooking. Later, he did apprentice in several restaurants. In 1991, he moved to the UK and got the job as a sous chef. But his major break through moment came in 2005 when he started presenting reality show MasterChef.

Having now the name and net worth to undertake a major enterprise, Torode decided to start his own business. His first restaurant was Smiths of Smithfields, followed by second one named Cafeteria. The latter eventually closed but John started another called the Luxe. Torode eventually sold his shares in two restaurants for a hefty sum. Those two establishments combined did around £9 million turnaround annually.

On the top of that, Torode is earning a nice income from the sales of his many books, such as Relax – It’s Only Food and Masterchef Kitchen Bible. Je has married to Jessica Torode from 2000 til 2014 and has four kids with her. After their breakup, Torode started dating Lisa Faulkner. This beautiful blonde is a famous actress known from EastEnders.