John McMonigle

Real estate legend John McMonigle belongs to the best realtors in Orange County, California. He can make money in this highly competitive market like nobody else and Bravo TV channel picked him as one of the two main stars for it’s new reality show titled Real Estate Wars. As of 2017, John McMonigle’s current net worth is estimated to be slightly over $12.5 million but he was bankrupt only few years back and we know the details.

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McMonigle was on the top of Californian real estate market when the housing crisis struck in 2008. He did his best to get through but his net worth nosedived and he eventually had to file bankruptcy, seeking legal protection from unpaid debts in total value of cca $50,000,000. But today, McMonigle is back. And it looks like he is again one of the top choices in Orange County, if you need to sell house fast and for a high price.

Bravo doesn’t want to compete with all those HGTV’s house flipping shows. Instead, new series Real Estate Wars focuses on two competing companies. John McMonigle’s self-titled group and Jojo Romeo‘s Relegance Group. They often go head to head for the same upscale properties. There is a lot of expensive homes in Orange County, California but will it be enough for both of them?

John McMonigle has a 5 star rating on Zillow and currently is selling for example huge high-rise penthouse with swimming pool in Kakaako, Hawaii for stunning $36 million. But vast majority of his business is located in famous OC. His listings include several luxury mansions with every amenity imaginable. Over the past 10 years, McMonigle grouup sold real estate properties worth more than $6.1 billion!!!