Jessica Vanessa

Internet sensation Jessica Vanessa rose to prominence through her popular Instagram account titled itsjbabyxo. She amassed amazing 1.1 million followers and thanks to her strong social media presence also makes very decent income. As of 2017, Jessica Vanessa’s net worth is approximately $500 thousand and here are some more interesting facts from her life.

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Vanessa was once dubbed “Professional Twerker” when she gained a huge following thanks to a video where she is twerking. But she also has some incomes as a comedian, actress, and as a model, posing with various apparel and makeup. Her distinctive hourglass shape made her quite popular. Jessica has slim waist, round hips and large breasts. She is investing a lot of time, energy, and money to stay in a perfect shape. In the past, she declined speculations about having butt implants.

There are several ways in which is Vanessa monetizing her social media traffic and growing her net worth. One of them are sponsored posts. She takes a picture on Instagram wearing for example a bikini from a specific brand and adds a link to their online store into the description. She is than paid from the store owner.

Her full name is Jessica Vanessa DeLeon and she was born April 13, 1992 in Florida but she currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Jessica is of Puerto Rican descent. In 2016, Vanessa expanded into mainstream media when she got herself roles in Only For One Night and Til Death Do Us Part.