Jeff Lewis

Real estate investor and reality show star Jeff Lewis is famous for his appearance on Flipping Out on Bravo channel. He is focusing on luxurious real estate properties in the Los Angeles area. As of 2017, Jeff Lewis’ net worth is approximately $10 million and here are some more revealing details from his personal and business life.

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Jeff earned his college degree at the University of Southern California. Soon after the graduation, Leis started his own real estate business. His main focus is on house flipping which means he is trying to buy low (it could be a distressed property), make the best possible remodel in the shortest period of time, and sell high for profit.

This line of business is very risky and Lewis found his finances being stretch to the maximum despite his high net worth as he tries to work on several properties at the same time. He doesn’t hesitate to take large mortgages for this purpose. LA housing market could be tricky and there is no shortage of drama.

Fliping Out tracks his investing adventures and we get to know also number of his co-workers that have to deal with his OCD and demanding personality. His boyfriend Gage Edward is also part of he cast. Bravo TV filmed 10 seasons so far of this successful house flipping odyssey.