Jason Stone

His own LinkedIn profile site says he is an investor, mentor, CEO, and marketer but Jason Stone is most famous for his Millionaire Mentor company. His main mission is to teach people how to get rich. Jason Stone’s own net worth is allegedly around $1.3 million as of 2017 and we know some interesting details from his road to success.

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Jason studied at the University of Akron where he earned Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. After the graduation, he founded several companies, such as Gentlemens Mafia, Millionaire Mentor and most recently The Local Door Coupons. As a result, his personal net worth continues to grow.

If there is one area of expertise that Stone really excels, it is social media and internet marketing. But what motivates many people to start their business and investing are the glimpses into Jason’s luxurious lifestyle that he is sharing through his extremely popular Instagram account.

So far, he amassed 185 thousand followers. Jason recently posted for example a picture of himself and his wife Cristina in large outdoor swimming pool. She wears only white triangle bikini with halter top and looks terrific. Stone also often shares his garage content that includes expensive cars from Lamborghini, Mercedes, and Land Rover, all in black paint with black rims.