James Altucher

James Altucher is an investor, author, and entrepreneur. He authored popular book about investing, such as Trade Like a Hedge Fund, and The Forever Portfolio, and SuperCash. Having multiple sources of income reflected very positively in his personal wealth. As of 2017, James Altucher’s net worth is slightly over $20 million and still growing.

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Altucher graduated from Cornell University in 1989 and his first job was at the IT department of HBO. In mid-nineties, James founded a web design company called Reset Inc. and made it so successful that he was able to sell it for incredible $10 million. With this nice round sum, Altucher turned his focus into the investment world.

His net worth took some big hits on markets but Altucher didn’t give up. He worked for some large hedge funds and eventually founded his own asset management firm. Investing was also the main theme of his other company, startup called StockPickr that he later sold. But that is still no all.

Altucher is very prolific author. In the top of writing some financial best-sellers, he also owns a side income as a columnist for Wall Street Journal and several other media. And lets not forget about his podcast with various investment advice. He is married to Claudia Azula Altucher and often emphasize the importance of persistence. James himself allegedly failed in 17 out of 20 businesses he started.