Jacob Rees-Mogg

Conservative politician Jacob Rees-Mogg comes from a very wealthy family and further increased his fortune by founding Somerset Capital Management. His fortune is often in the center of media attention but given his conservative voters, it will not hurt him politically. As of 2017, Jacob Rees-Mog’s net worth is estimated to be around £150 million ($193 million) and we will now take a close look on how he achieved it.

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Jacob was born May 2, 1969 into a very wealthy family of coal mine owners. Thanks to this, he received the best possible education and studied at the famous Eaton College, home of Britain’s future elite and high net worth individuals. After graduation, Rees-Mogg worked Lloyd George Management which is an investment firm managing equities portfolios.

Rees-Mogg gathered a lot of experience and skills there and eventually founded his own investment company, Somerset Capital Management. At the same time, he worked also on his political career, promoting conservative principles. It looks like he was successful also in this and in 2017 the media brought rumors that he might become the next leader of British Conservative Party.

And what about his personal life? In 2007, Jacob married Helena de Chair who gave birth to their six children, five sons and one daughter. While Rees-Mogg is Catholic, his wife is Anglican and their wedding ceremony was therefore ecumenical.