Jack Whitehall

English comedian Jack Whitehall belongs to very well paid artists. His annual income is estimated to be around £250,000 ($325 thousand). With such a high paycheck, he was able to amass a sizable wealth despite his lavish lifestyle. Jack Whitehall’s net worth is allegedly around £1.3 million ($1.7 million) in 2017 and we know also details from his dating life and career.

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We would love to bring you another story “from rags to riches” but Jack comes from a privileged background. He was born into a very affluent family. His father Michael Whitehall is a successful producer worth over £10 million. Small Jack was growing up in a luxurious mansion with market value of approximately £4.3 million. Whitehall also studied at the private Marlborough College thanks to his rich dad. The tuition was around £24,000 annually.

Still, Jack Whitehall isn’t a lazy trust fund baby that lives only from parent’s investments. His personal net worth is a result of own hard work. He was determined to become a famous stand-up comedian and eventually made it also to movies like The Bad Education Movie and Mother’s Day.

According to some rumors, Whitehall had a romantic fling with personal stylist Roxie Nafousi. What is confirmed though is his long-term relationship with actress Gemma CHan since 2011. His girlfriend is half-Chinese and possess terrific figure as we could tell from couple of underwear scenes she did in the past.