Henrik Persson Ekdahl

Swedish entrepreneur and investor Henrik Persson Ekdahl co-founded venture capital and private equity fund called Optimizer Invest Ltd. The company invested into several promising start-ups. Henrik Persson Ekdahl’s current net worth is approximately $30,000,000 as of 2017 and here is what we know about his growing business so far.

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Henrik co-founded several companies himself before trying to create investment fund and funding other people’s projects. He has a lot of experience and net worth to spare, so it was a next logical step. Optimizer Invest today holds stakes in Kaboo, iGaming Cloud, Kaboo, Animail.com, Betit Group Ltd, and many more.

The venture capital fund is located in Malta due to it’s favorable taxes. That means more money is left for the investments. It’s main focus are online/computer start-ups. The risk of investing into new companies is pretty high but potential profit could be incredible.

Ekdahl studied at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Lincoln. He earned Bachelor of Business Administration from both. Later, he also gained Master of Business Administration degree in management and finance at the Gothenburg School of Economics. This all jumpstarted his career as he scored the position of a marketing director soon after graduation.