Harrison Gilbertson

Young Australian actor Harrison Gilbertson rose to fame in 2017 thanks to his role of Cameron Briel in romantic movie Fallen. Starring in one of the main roles also significantly increased his wealth. Harrison Gilbertson’s net worth is approximately $2.5 million and here are some other interesting information about him.

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Harrison was born June 29, 1993 in Adelaide, Australia. He started with acting at the early age of six. Small roles turned into bigger ones and he played for example in Beneath Hill 60, Need for Speed, and My Mistress. But the real success came with Fallen which made him an instant idol of many female fans.

Romatic fantasy movie Fallen has a potential of reviving the Twilight craze from few years back. Gilbertson plays one of the main characters and viewers are now eager to know more about him. His net worth grows fast and he is surely receiving more important roles soon.

He won AACTA Award for Best Young Actor and this might still be only the beginning of his numerous achievements. Harrison has one sister named Bridget, There is currently no information available whether he has a girlfriend or not.