Greg Laurie

Senior pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship Greg Laurie is also a successful writer of spiritual publications. His first book is titled The Seeker’s Bible. Greg Laurie’s total net worth is approximately $3.5 million in 2017 and we will now take a look on his road to success.

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Unlike some other popular pastors, Laurie didn’t grow up in a religious household. He was born to single mother who already has had seven failed marriages. However, Greg found God when he was seventeen years old and became a devout Christian.

He led the Bible study group of thirty people which eventually grew into Harvest Christian Church, one of the largest churches in America today. Laurie also received two honorary doctorates from Azusa Pacific University and Biola University. He lives with his wife Catherine. They raised two sons together.

Huge portion of Laurie’s net worth originates from his writing. He authored several books, including Every Day With Jesus and Wrestling With God. He has written over 70 books in total. On the top of that, he hosts radio show A New Beginning and appeared on multiple national TV stations.