Gerard Adams

Entrepreneur and investor Gerard Adams made his fortune when he sold his extremely successful news website Elite Daily to Daily Mail for incredible $50 million. He invested in many companies since than but also don’t forget about taxes and spending. So we estimate Gerard Adams net worth in 2017 to be around $45 million.

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Gerard was born on December 20, 1984 in Livingston, New Jersey. After only one semester, he dropped out of university and started working for an investing company instead. He created StockSpot and several other online projects in finance and investing area.

Probably his biggest success was Elite Daily which he co-founded with the two of his interns. Today, Adams still runs his other company called Fownders which is a mentorship platform. He also invested in Kudzoo, Loopd, Arsenic, and several other start-ups which helps him to grow his net worth further.

And what about his personal life? Adams lives in New Jersey with his dog and currently is dating a gorgeous brunette. His girlfriend‘s name is Alyssa Yannuzzi. There is very little known about her, except that she has a perfect bikini body.