George Best

George Best belongs to the most famous English soccer players of all times. In 1960’s, he already had a salary and bonuses in total annual value of approximately £200,000. But if you think he amassed stellar wealth, think again. Best was famous spender (we look into what he spend for later) and when he died in 2005, he left most of his estate to his sister. George Best’s net worth was only £630,000 ($853,000) at the time of his death and here is why.

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During his life, George Best boasted that he is spending almost all of his income alcohol, women, and exotic automobiles. And those are apparently very expensive hobbies. He could have save many millions during his life but chose to live fully instead.

As a teenager, George was allegedly pretty shy. But right after school, Best was drafted by Manchester United and became a legend almost overnight. Success with women followed. In 1978, he married Angela MacDonald (now known as Angie Best). They had one son together but eventually got divorced.

His second wife was gorgeous blonde Alex Pursey. Although they lived together ten years, they never had any kids. Best played professionally until mid eighties when he retired. And he apparently continued to lead high net worth lifestyle, splurging on his passions. Half a million he left to his sister is a testimony to his spending habits.