Frank Catania

Businessman Frank Catania is famous as an ex husband of Dolores from reality TV series The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Although they are now divorced for over 15 years, they are still friends, run some businesses together, and he appeared several times on the show. As of 2017, Frank Catania’s total net worth is probably around $4 million based on several online sources.

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They spend some time together for the sake of their two kids, Frankie and Gabrielle, but their relationship goes beyond that. Frank allegedly helps Dolores with her finances and even led remodeling of her house. They are still allowed to date other people though. So let’s take a closer look on Frank’s life and career.

He earned bachelor’s degree at the Rutgers University in New Brunswick and JD degree at Seton Hall University. In the past, he was a head of New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. But he has now positions in multiple businesses, including Nevada Gold & Casinos and law firm Catania & Ehrlich.

Combining his knowledge of gaming regulations and law enabled him profitable career and he amassed sizable net worth. Frank Catania is also into fitness (same as his ex wife) and it shows. Catania has some serious muscles. He owns Gold’s Gym. Is there something this guy can’t do?