Eric Bennett

Loan officer Eric Bennett is a skilled real estate flipper. And he is returning for the second season of Desert Flippers on HGTV this summer. He and his wife are buying low and selling high in the sunny city of Pal Springs, California. As of 2017, Eric Bennett’s net worth is approximately $1.6 million and here is what else we found out about him.

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Eric was born into the family of broker and math teacher. No wonder that he followed in their footsteps and started selling real estate and eventually switched to mortgage lending. Still, his net worth is fueled by more types of income. He is house flipping with his wife and gets paid also for starring on television. All the pieces create a great synergy in his career.

After he successfully flipped his first house in Verona, Wisconsin, Eric relocated to Palm Springs, California. He formed a great team with his wife that has also plenty of experience with real estate and now they are buying, renovating, and selling homes together. It is a risky type of investment but the potential profits are so attractive.

Pairing their knowledge of mortgage financing and real estate market, Eric and Lindsey form unbeatable duo. Flipping houses in Palm Springs has it’s own complications. Poisonous spiders and scorpions being the one. The housing market could be also quite volatile here. But with the right mix of skills, Bennett’s are perfect people for this job. You can watch their new adventures on HGTV during summer 2017.