Eliisa Stowell

Real estate agent Eliisa Stowell is on high-end properties. This year, she joined the new reality television series Real Estate Wars where she’s on Jojo’s team. As of 2017, Eliisa Stowell’s net worth is estimated to be around $4 million and here are some interesting details from her life and business.

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Eliisa lives in affluent neighborhood of Corona del Mar, California. She is a real estate investor, real estate agent, and also a landlord. With so many sources of income, it is no wonder that Stowell’s net worth keeps growing.

Recently, Stowell has annual sales around $35 million. She is very determined and knows how to use social media to increase sales. She definitely belongs to the best realtors in Orange County, California. Team of Jojo Romeo has a valuable asset in her.

Real Estate Wars start in summer 2017 on Bravo channel and follow two groups of successful realtors during their fierce competition. Average house in Orange County is already pretty expensive but they are focusing on luxury properties that can bring them large payoff.