Diane Abbott

Diane Abbott is a famous Labour Party politician and currently also a Shadow Home Secretary. His financial situation became more scrutinized in 2017 when media pointed out that she was paid £110,000 for appearing on BBC television. As of 2017, Diane Abbott’s total net worth is undisclosed but estimated to be around £1.2 million.

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In 2016, The Sun brought news that this left-wing politician has an annual salary of £74 thousand and earned also £200 thousand on top of that from her various television deals. With income like this, it isn’t hard to grow a nice net worth. She lives in an upscale home in Hackney, East London.

Diane was born in 1953 in London, United Kingdom to Jamaican parents. Her father worked as a welder and her mother as a nurse. She studied at the Newnham College, Cambridge. Abbott’s political career started in 1982 when she won her first election and became a councillor for Westminster City. But it was just the beginning. She rose to the top of the Labour Party and after the resignation of Andy Burnham, she was appointed Shadow Home Secretary which means that she’s likely to be the real Home Secretary in case her party wins election.

And what about her dating life? In the past, Abbott had a romantic relationship with Jeremy Corbyn. Later, she married architect Richard Thompson and gave birth to their son. However, the couple got divorced two years after the marriage.