David Ravitz

Although his appearance in a giant chicken outfit made many people doubt how genuine his intentions are, charming David Ravitz became one of the top contenders for Becca’s heart. He is definitely cute once he takes off his costume and he is a venture capitalist. Running his own private equity firm means that either him personally or his family have a lot of money to invest. So how wealthy he really is? There is no verified source but David Ravitz’s total net worth is probably north of $10 million as of 2018. And here is what we know from his private life.

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David is 25 years old and he holds a college degree in Marketing from the University of Georgia. His parents are really rich. They own Ravitz Family Markets, a chain of grocery stores in New Jersey. That might explain where he got enough net worth to become a venture capitalist.

Venture capitalists, sometimes also called angel investors, invest into new growing businesses in early stages of their existence. This is very risky line of business as many young companies don’t survive into maturity but also potentially very rewarding since the up side is almost unlimited. Just remember all those companies that started in someone’s garage and now belong to Fortune 500. But winning in The Bahcelorette isn’t about money, right?

Ravitz has more than that going for him. He looks stunning and knows how to talk. He enjoys sports like golf and skiing. Him and Becca were both born April 3rd. Is that a sign or what? We can definitely imagine them as a couple. But there is a lot of other gentlemen eager to date gorgeous brunette from Minnesota…