Dapper Laughs

Popular English comedian Dapper Laughs is also an experienced pick-up artist. That means he is teaching other guys how to get a girl. He amassed 2.8 million fans on Facebook. He had a show on ITV at one point. As of 2017, Dapper Laughs’ net worth is approximately $500,000 and we know details from his relationship with attractive model!

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Dapper Laughs surely isn’t just boasting when he claims that he mastered the art of seduction. His own girlfriend is simply stunning. Her name is Shelley Rae and she is sharing photos from her personal life and modeling career on Instagram under the online username fortheraevers. They are in a long-term committed relationship and Shelley recently gave birth to their first child!

Although Dapper Laughs made his shot at being famous before, 2014 was his real breakthrough year. His single Proper Moist became extremely popular and peaked as #15 at music chart, boosting his net worth. Later the same year, ITV channel introduced new seris On the Pull. Dapper Laughs was the main person on this show, giving other men lessons on how to attract hot women. His coaching was subsequently criticized as degrading towards women. ITV responded to the criticism by not renewing On the Pull for the second season.

Still, the time that Dapper Laughs invested into learning how to pick up women apparently paid off in his personal life. It is surprising to us, that he apparently doesn’t have website dedicated to pick-up infomercial products like most of his colleagues do.