Daniel Preda

Social media star Daniel Preda is best known as a male model for Model Maggie Inc and Elite. Preda also has his personal website MisterPreda.com and he has almost million followers on Instagram. As of 2017, Preda accumulated net worth around $800 thousand. Let’s take a look on his dating life and other interesting details.

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Daniel Preda was born on 16th December, 1992, in Boston, Massachusetts. He is frequently updating photos from fashion modeling and travels on his Instagram account. His online popularity indirectly helps boosting his net worth. Daniel has a famous YouTuber Joey Graceffa for a boyfriend. He also appears often on his YouTube channel. He is part of Joey’s vlogs and music videos. Joey even cast Daniel in his coming out music video Don’t Wait. This appearance made Preda even more popular.

It seems that Joey found out about increasing Daniel’s popularity on his Instagram account and decided to contact him. Since than they are in a loving relationship. Daniel and Joey came out as a gay couple on Valentine’s Day in 2016.

Joey Graceffa posted a YouTube video Our Love Story! on his YouTube channel. In this video, the couple opened up about their relationship. They first met personally in LA’s bar. Daniel and his beau live together in Los Angeles, California together with two beautiful husky dogs, Wolf and Storm.