Court Westcott

Court Westcott from Dallas, Texas is a rich investor who got into media spotlight when his beautiful young wife joined the ranks of reality show The Real Housewives of Dallas. There’s no doubt that this couple leads an incredible life and the show might reveal some details from it. Court Westcott’s personal net worth is estimated to be over $4.5 million as of 2017 but he is most likely to inherit his father’s private investment fund one day and become even richer.

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Court is a son of Carl Westcott who founded Westcott LLC back in 1996 as an entrepreneurial private investment platform. It’s investment varies from energy, real estate, technology and finance to consumer services. The company invested in many startups that later went public. Selling the shares afterwards must have been highly profitable. It also had a stake German enhanced reality company Metaio which was eventually sold to Apple for a large sum.

Court Westcott married Kameron in 2008. They are still living together and raising their two small children. With Court’s stellar net worth, they can afford very posh lifestyle. So who wouldn’t be interested in knowing more about them?

Although Court might be preferring to stay low-profile, his wife Kameron decided to join popular reality show franchise Real Housewives when they were looking for Hendra’s replacement for season two. This will generate some side income for the family but since Westcott’s already have more than enough money, this decision was probably more about becoming a celebrity than anything else.