Clay Travis

Famous sports journalist Clay Travis originally worked as a lawyer. He is currently working as a TV analyst as Fox Sports. During his successful career, Travis amassed sizable fortune. As of 2017, Clay Travis’ total net worth is approximately $20 million and we know fascinating details from his life.

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Clay attended George Washington University where he graduated from history. After that, he studied law at the prestigious Vanderbilt University Law School. Investing into education was a good choice as he scored jobs as a lawyer in U.S. Virgin Islands and later in Tennessee. But his big passion was always sports and he eventually started to make a name of himself in media.

In 2005, Travis was writing for online version of CBS Sports. He tried also jobs of columnist and sports radio host. On the top of that all, he founded a website which belongs to the most visited sites devoted to college football. He created a very valuable brand that boosted his net worth.

Clay signed licensing deal with Fox Sports in 2015 and at the same time also became their football analyst. It is incredible what he achieved thanks to his passion for sport. Travis lives with his wife Lara and their three sons.