Christon Staples

Christon Staples is an actor, model and also makes money with his acrobatic and theatrical dunking. Yes, he definitely knows how to handle a basketball and showed his insane skill the very first episode of The Bachelorette‘s season 14. He is successful and rich but still searching for his true love. As of 2018, Christon Staples net worth is approximately $1.5 million.

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Christon was born December 26, 1986 in Los Angeles, California. He allegedly used to work in corporate world in Detroit, Michigan but one day decided to write to Harlem Globetrotters and ask for a spot. They were apparently impressed by his basketball skills and hired him. His fame and net worth took off.

Although he doesn’t work for them anymore, he still uses every opportunity to polish his dunking skills. Recently, he scored a role in a new movie titled Slamma Jamma and invested most of his time into this project.

In 2018, he is more famous than ever. As one of almost 30 guys, he is trying to win over attractive Becca Kufrin from Minnesota. There are different strategies to impress women you want to date but Christon obviously bets at his insane athletic skills.