Chris Blue

Young singer Chris Blue became superstar when he won the 12th season of reality television show The Voice. That means that he obtained $100 thousand and probably even more valuable record contract with Universal Music Group. Chris Blue’s net worth is approximately $150 thousand as of the end of 2017 but we expect this sum to grow fast in the near future.

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Chris was born on January 15, 1990 in Glendale, Arizona. He worked as a preacher and eventually became a worship leader in a United Methodist Church. Besides his strong relationship with God, music was his great passion. In 2017, Blue decided to audition on The Voice.

He rocked the blind auditions and quickly became one of the front-runners. He confirmed his status as a favorite when he won the whole show. This means his fan can expect Chris to release debut studio album in a short time. He combines R&B, gospel, and blues. Until then, they can listed to the tracks from the competition.

His net worth and popularity is anticipated to grow fast as his talent is undeniable and he has now the advantage of having The Voice in his resume. He won despite extremely tough competition he had this year. At the finale, Blue defeated Lauren Duski but she will no doubt also jump start her career in the music industry after this valuable experience.