Chelsea Meissner

Beautiful Chelsea Meissner used to work in medical sales and currently makes money as a hairstylist but she is more famous for her appearances on reality television shows Survivor and Southern Charm. Her multiple sources of income resulted into the estimated net worth of approximately $1.2 million in 2018 and here are couple more fun facts about her personal and professional life.

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Althouh she originaly pursued career in medical sales, Chelsea eventually decided that his financially rewarding job isn’t her true passion and took a leap of faith when she started a new career as a hairstylist. But her ambitions go muh higher than that, the ultimate goal being the success of her own hair care product line. She definitely has an entrepreneurial spirit and doesn’t hesitate to investinginvest a lot of time and effort into making her dreams come true.

Meissner entered the world of reality television with her appearance in Survivor. She attracted a lot of attention with her perfect bikini body. Her measurements looked gorgeous in a hot pink bikini top and cut off jeans shorts. After a short break, Chelsea returns on TV screens. This time as a new cast member on season five of Southern Charm.

She lives with her dog Tyson and we will get a sneak peek into her personal life on this show. She used to date Southern Charm co-star Austen Kroll but he is no longer her boyfriend. But we have a strong feeling that such a hot girl will not stay single for a long. In her past, Meissner won the state championship in horse riding.