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Tommy Robinson

Far-right activist Tommy Robinson was a part of Pegida UK and many other controversial political projects. He also a published a book and has other sources of income. In her mid thirties, Robinson became a public figure and occupies headlines in media not only in his native United Kingdom. As of 2018, Tommy Robinson’s net worth is estimated to be around £400 thousand and here follow some interesting details from his life.
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Jacob Rees-Mogg

Conservative politician Jacob Rees-Mogg comes from a very wealthy family and further increased his fortune by founding Somerset Capital Management. His fortune is often in the center of media attention but given his conservative voters, it will not hurt him politically. As of 2017, Jacob Rees-Mog’s net worth is estimated to be around £150 million ($193 million) and we will now take a close look on how he achieved it.
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Diane Abbott

Diane Abbott is a famous Labour Party politician and currently also a Shadow Home Secretary. His financial situation became more scrutinized in 2017 when media pointed out that she was paid £110,000 for appearing on BBC television. As of 2017, Diane Abbott’s total net worth is undisclosed but estimated to be around £1.2 million.
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