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Liv Boeree

Professional poker player Liv Boeree belongs to the best female players in the world. In 2015, she ranked as #1 woman in Global Power Index. She also makes money as a TV host. As of 2017, Liv Boeree’s total net worth is approximately $2 million and here are some details about her poker victories as well as dating life.
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Gus Hansen

Danish professional poker player Gus Hansen started his career in 2004 while he was an exchange student at UC Santa Cruz. He finished in the money and decided to pursue poker as his main career. Gus Hansen’s net worth is allegedly around $12 million while others say his wealth fluctuates violently with live cash events causing him occasional financial problems.
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Doug Polk

Professional poker player Doug Polk knows how to make a lot of money. During his profitable career, he not only made name for himself but also amassed sizable fortune. As of 2017, Doug Polk’s net worth approximately $4.5 million and here is what else we know about him.
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