Barbara Corcoran

Real estate agent and investor Barbara Corcoran became extremel famous as one of the “sharks” on reality television show Shark Tank. She now owns diversified portfolio of small business investments and most recently joined Dancing With The Stars to compete on season 25. As of 2017, Barbara Corcoran’s net worth is estimated to be as high as $80 million.

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Barbara was born March 10, 1949 and after she received college degree in education at St. Aquinas College, Corcoran worked as a teacher for a while. But she always wanted o be her own boss and when her side business of renting apartments started to grow, she formed a real estate company with her boyfriend. Barbara’s net worth started to grow fast.

But an unexpected obstacle appeared when she found out that her boyfriend is cheating on her with assistant. She broke up with him and started again on her own, motivated more than ever. When Barbara sold her real estate company for $66 million in 2011, she was financial secure for the rest of her life. But instead of retiring and simply enjoying her wealth, Corcoran accepted a spot on Shark Tank.

She is now what you could call a venture capitalist. Corcoran is investing into promising new start ups and the reality show is providing her with a steady flow of people with new ideas. She lives in Manhattan with her husband. She once revealed that her son is studying at Ivy League school.