Andy Williams

Andy Williams is a one half of real estate flipping duo that rose to prominence in 2017 thanks to their appearance on a new spin-off of popular reality show franchise titled Flip or Flop Fort Worth. Investing into fixer uppers could be a profitable business if you know how to do it properly. Andy Williams’ net worth is currently estimated to be around $1.6 million and here is what else to we know about him.

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Andy is a military veteran and loves fitness. Being in a good physical shape means he can fix a lot of stuff on the house himself. But he is not alone in this line of business. His wife Ashley is also participating in this venture. Together they formed an unbreakable team that is buying deeply discounted houses in order to fix them and resell for quick profit.

This could be a risky investment since you have a lot of money tied in one particular house and you are risking that housing market can turn against you. Therefore it is important to turn the house fast. So far, it was a successful path for Andy and his net worth keeps growing.

Despite being busy with house flipping, Andy Williams and his wife always find time for their two small children, Ashton and Amina. While Andy often does demo work, Ashley is big on interior decorations. She favors textured designs and her touches definitely add value to their home rehab projects.