Alphalete Athletics is a clothing company founded by fitness guru Christian Guzman. It is only one of his business projects but one of the most successful. The company isn’t publicly traded so it is hard to figure out it’s real value but according to estimates, Alphalete Athletic’s net worth could be around $1 million as of 2017.

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Workout clothes for men and women make up the vast majority of brands offer. Alphalete is selling shirts, joggers, shorts, and leggings. Various accessories, such as Umoro One shaker and baseball caps are supplementing the lineup. The prices are quite competitive and Christian certainly did a great job.

Guzman knows how important is to invest into good promotion and he often hires popular fitness models to be “Official Alphalete Athlete.” Famous Nikki Blackketter promoted the brand like this in the past. More recently, health coach and professional athlete Valeria Esteban became Official Alphalete Athlete.

Success of this brand is boosting Guzman’s perosnal net worth but it is also his big hobby. Alphalete’s Instagram amassed 410 thousand followers so fa which is really good for a commercial account. We hope Christian will continue to sell this amazing line of workout apparel in the future.