Allison Kagan

Allison Kagan used to be a producer of reality television show Alaskan Bush People but most fans of this series would probably never know her if she didn’t start dating one of the show’s main stars. Allison Kagan’s net worth is allegedly around $500 thousand and here is what else we know about her.

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Allison holds Bachelor of Arts degree in Film from the State University of New York. Her first job was a segment producer at NBC Universal. After that, Kagan worked for various channels, including MTV and real estate oriented HGTV. In July 2015, she accepted position of Supervising Field Producer at Discovery.

While working at Alaskan Bush People, Kagan met Bam Brown who is one of the main characters on the show. And apparently there was a spark and the two of them started dating! The rumors about their relationship get out in 2017 and made many fans curious.

Brown family is supposed to live very basic and harsh life according to the show. So does that mean that Allison wants to join their clan, making her living in Alaskan wild nature without many perks of the modern civilization despite her solid net worth? We don’t think this will be the case.

There were already rumors online, that Allison Kagan and her boyfriend Bam are living together on the board of a luxury boat. They are allegedly planning move together to Bahamas! Does that mean that Bam will be leaving the show? We will have to wait and see.