Alex da Kid

Alex da Kid has a thriving career as a music producer but most headlines were about his relationship with actress Halle Berry lately. Da kids’ path to his current success wasn’t straightforward and we will look at it in more detail in this article. Alex da Kid’s net worth is approximately $4.5 million in 2017.

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Alex was born August 27, 1982 in Bristol, United Kingdom as Alexander Grant. As a teenager, Alex was professional soccer player but he had a growing interest in music and eventally decided to study audio technology at the University of West London.

He earned his Master’s degree there and started working in the music business. He eventually founded his own record company called KIDinaKORNER. He produced plenty of music for various artists and lately is trying luck also as a musician, releasing his own solo projects. His net worth enables to pursue him any hobby.

There were rumors about Alex da Kid dating beautiful actress Halle Berry for some time but now it is official. Alex and Halle both posted selfie as a couple on their Instagram accounts. He is hugging her and they look really happy. They are both successful artists with high net worth but there is a large age difference between them. Alex is 35 while Halle recently turned 51.