Alan Walker

Alan Walker also known under his stage name DJ Walkzz is a popular DJ and record producer from Norway who rose to prominence after 2012. Last year, he made it to the prestigious DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs list. As of 2017, Alan Walker’s total net worth is approximately $1.5 million and we know other interesting details from his music career and personal life.

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Alan was born 24 August 1997 in Northampton, United Kingdom and thanks to the nationality of his mother he had dual citizenship from the beginning. Growing up, young Alan showed a huge interest in computers and it looked like he’s going to become a web developer and web designer. Walker had no formal musical training but he learned a lot from YouTube tutorials.

He started uploading own music to SoundCloud and YouTube and numbers of his fans grew steadily. In 2015, Walker signed deal with MER Musikk under Sony Music. His popularity and net worth continued to grow. In 2016, he was already so popular that he made a hard decision and quit high school to pursue his career full-time.

Walker is a generous philanthropist and donated large sum of money for example to Norwegian childhood cancer foundation called Barnekreftforeningen. His eccentric public image is highlighted by wearing often black hoodie and a mask. His controversial appearance was further supported by claim that among his hobbies is stuff like computer hacking.