Adam Kenworthy

Aspiring chef Adam Kenworthy started filling front pages when he Carole Radziwill became a thing. Dating star of reality show The Real Housewives of New York City apparently makes you instantly famous. He is skiled and his career is taking off. As of 2017, Adam Kenworthy’s current net worth is around $600 thousand and here is what else we found out about him.

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Adam is only 32 years old which makes him 22 years younger than Carole. That is some age difference, right? But don’t forget his girlfriend takes great care of her body and frequently hits the gym. Kenworthy studied at the Colorado State University and is a big sports enthusiast. He does mountain biking and more.

Kenworthy works as a personal chef and also increases his net worth as a culinary consultant with specialization on vegetarian recipes. And his job is actually how the sweet couple met. Adam prepared a private party on one of the Real Housewives episodes and that they apparently had some attraction with Carole and started dating.

According to some rumors, Kenworthy and Radziwill broke up in August 2017. But did they? Few days after their alleged breakup, Adam posted an Instagram picture of Carole, posing in her bikini bottom and shirt which she’s opening, flaunting her assets. That photo was apparently meant to celebrate her 54th birthday.